Living climate protection – an update on Arvantis’ sustainability efforts

At Arvantis Group, we strive to be a responsible part of society and therefore aim for positive contributions with all our business activities. But only our actions show that we truly live what we aim for. That’s why we ensure that our efforts for sustainability are not just words but are actively practiced and driven by all our group companies, their investments and our employees. All Arvantis Group’s focus industries – Technology, Renewable Energy and Real Estate – have a remarkable impact on climate protection. For example, in 2019 the building and real estate sector only accounted for around 15 percent of total CO2 emissions in Germany. In contrast, renewable energies contribute significantly to the reduction of CO2: Only in Germany, the share of renewable energies in electricity generation has steadily grown and has accounted for over 40 percent per year in 2019 (both figures according to the German Federal Ministry for the Environment).


Enpal team at Fridays for Future | © Enpal | Quelle: LinkedIn Page Enpal

The newest development of Enpal, portfolio company of Arvantis Group company Picus Capital, proves the great trend towards renewable energy: The Berlin-based company leases solar systems to real estate owners using the enormous potential of private roof areas for green power generation through photovoltaic systems. Enpal just partnered with one of the world’s largest photovoltaic manufacturers LONGi Solar and agreed on a close partnership and the development of a joint product with the Chinese manufacturer. The planned market launch in November 2020 will give a further boost to Enpal’s growth and the company’s target to supply more than 5 million households with green energy by 2027. Another important initiative which has been supported by Arvantis Group and its Managing Directors Jeremias Heinrich and Alexander Samwer right from the beginning is the so called ‘Leaders for Climate Action’ (LFCA) programme. This entrepreneurial community, which is now also expanding throughout Europe, aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its members to become carbon neutral companies. As a founding supporter of LFCA, Arvantis Group works hard to reduce the group’s CO2 footprint and is a carbon neutral company since February 2020 by offsetting the remaining emissions. To push the sustainable transformation of Arvantis and all Group companies on a daily basis and together with all employees, Arvantis Group has just established the Arvantis Green Team.


Christina Bacher, representing the team, comments:

“With the Arvantis Green Team, we have created the opportunity for all our employees to act now and actively move forward climate neutrality in our company group. It is inspiring to see how quickly our Green Team is growing and raises the awareness for sustainability, creating green initiatives and making positive changes happen throughout all employees. Minimizing waste production, using eco-friendly office supplies, replacing glass water bottles with a tap water dispenser are seemingly small but very important steps.”