The quest for 10 billion people living sustainably on our planet drives our vision, thinking, and initiatives.

The Group

The Arvantis Group is a long-term oriented entrepreneurial investment holding.


The Group’s investment activities focus on technology, renewable energy, real estate and impact combining the creativity and pragmatism of entrepreneurs with the curiosity and discipline of financial investors.

Arvantis Group was founded by Alexander Samwer and Jeremias Heinrich who are passionate entrepreneurs and investors.


All Arvantis Group companies operate independently and are led by exceptional founders to become leaders in their respective industries.


Picus Capital is a privately financed global venture capital company. The firm's portfolio of technology companies stretches through multiple industries such as finance, insurance, human resources, renewable energy, mobility, real estate, e-commerce and healthcare.


Pelion Green Future is an independent investment firm that partners with entrepreneurs to accelerate the energy transition globally. Pelion invests in companies that develop, own and operate clean energy infrastructure. With its partners, Pelion is actively developing >14 gigawatts of renewable energy assets across Europe, North America and Australasia.


Creanos is an investment holding specialized in real estate. The operations of its portfolio companies span from real estate debt to equity as well as renovation works and are covering all aspects of property lifecycle.


Arvantis Social Foundation gGmbH is a non-profit organization with a focus on education and sustainability. Next to providing financial donations and running own philanthropic projects, Arvantis Social Foundation Impact Investment branch is investing in entrepreneurs globally with a pure focus on social impact.


Areas of activity





Our Offices

Karlstraße 12, 80333
Munich, Germany

Türkenstraße 7, 80333
Munich, Germany

Karl-Marx-Allee 3, 10178
Berlin, Germany

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15 Rathbone Street,
London, W1T 1HD, United Kingdom

Empire State Building Suite 4730, 350 Fifth Avenue,
New York, NY 10118,  USA

Gongxiao International Building, Floor 3, Chaoyang District,
Beijing City, P.R. China

Our Team

Our team has an entrepreneurial spirit striving for operational excellence whilst benefiting from our superior business management know-how. Our goal is to create a meaningful impact with everything we do.


Alexander Samwer and Jeremias Heinrich started working together in 2014 and encumbered their entrepreneurial activities as Arvantis Group in 2018.

Alexander Samwer / Jeremias Heinrich

Management Team

Isabel Mertens (Chief Operating Officer) and Susanne Rupprecht (Chief Financial Officer) manage the investment holding and the respective teams.


All teams and each employee at Arvantis are important for the success of the whole company group.

Tax & Accounting Team

Our Tax & Accounting Team is taking care of the timely and accurate preparation, filing and documentation of annual financial statements and tax inquires. Besides conducting internal audits, the team supports our group companies and is responsible for the continuous optimization of existing processes towards the achievement of accounting best practices.

Strategy & Operations Team

Our Strategy & Operations Team serves as the interface between the management team and all other teams within the Arvantis Group. The team is specifically focussing on strategic planning and operational excellence to ensure smooth operation of all divisions.

Office Management Team

The Office Management Team is ensuring the seamless operation of our offices on a daily basis whilst taking care of our employee’s well-being. Daily tasks include the organization of the office, document management, management of office material supply and reception activities.

People & Communications Team

The People & Communications Team is responsible for hiring the best talents for Arvantis Group and its group companies whilst ensuring our employees personal and professional development and happiness. The team is also responsible for our internal and external communication activities ensuring an open communication within and outside the firm.

Finance Team

The Finance Team is managing all financial flows and corporate management within Arvantis Group. It shares their best practice processes and experience to all Arvantis Group companies and acts as internal auditor.

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Our Values

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Loyal Companions

On our journey, we stick together and support each other like a family.

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Taking Ownership

Each and every one of us takes care of our common themes and goals.

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Diversity of Perspectives

We encourage individual perspectives and open communication to jointly achieve the best results.

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Shape the Future

We challenge the status quo and turn our vision into reality.

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Driving Force

We make the first step and proactively move things ahead.

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Sustainable Entrepreneurs

Sustainability, environmental awareness and social responsibility are the foundation of our corporate DNA.


Arvantis Group is a founding member of the sustainability initiative Leaders for Climate Action.

Arvantis Group’s founders are also Co-Founders and active supporters of Leaders for Climate Action.


Everyday, we strive to reduce our CO2 footprint and become a carbon neutral company by offsetting our remaining emission with Climate Partner since 2019.

Additionally, employees of all Arvantis Group companies are encouraged to participate in our cross-company Green Team. In regular meetings, initiatives and actions are discussed on how to make everyday office life greener and raise awareness for a more sustainable lifestyle among employees. Find out more about the Green Team in this article .