Arvantis Group portfolio company Pacifico Renewables Yield AG to generate green energy for c. 30.000 European households

Pacifico Renewables Yield AG, a strategic investment of the Arvantis Group, continues to strive for a sustainable energy future, despite the challenges of the global Covid-19 outbreak. The existing portfolio of PV parks and onshore wind farms in Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Italy is stable and continues to be fully operational. Across Europe, Pacifico currently generates enough green energy to supply c. 30.000 households. This equates to the complete power supply of a city like Baden-Baden. At the same time, the overall renewable portfolio helps save more than 30.000t CO2 per year. 

As a climate neutral company and founding member of Leaders for Climate Action, Arvantis Group is excited to see how Pacifico continues taking renewable energy to the next level.