Arvantis Group is partner-company of Médecins sans Frontières

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As a partner-company of Médecins sans Frontières, Arvantis Group supports the valuable work of the humanitarian aid organisation. Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) provides emergency medical relief in areas fraught by crisis, war, or natural catastrophes.   Arvantis’ non-earmarked contribution is helping MSF to actworldwide – fast, effectively and exactly where medical help is needed the most. In Chad, for example, our donation can enable more than 40.000 children to receive a measles vaccination. In Southern Sudan, more than 1.000 women refugees can be helped to have a safe birth of their children. While continuing to provide emergency aid in areas of crisis, Médecins sans Frontières is also actively involved in the fight against Covid-19. In more than 70 countries, the organisation uses its experience in dealing with epidemics, builds treatment centres, sends supplies, deploys medical personnel and provides guidance for those concerned.   Diseases, crises, natural catastrophes, and war know no borders. Neither does Médecins sans Frontières. We at Arvantis Group are proud to be a strong partner of MSF, to stand behind its humanitarian values and support its vision to take responsibility for people in need.