Arvantis Group company Augustus shapes the future of work with the Berlin Ullsteinhaus

Ullsteinhaus Berlin
©Jonas Holthaus

Arvantis Group company Augustus Management & Architecture is reviving an architectural icon of Berlin with the Ullsteinhaus project. Going forward, the Ullsteinhaus will represent more than 100 years of history combined with a hub for technology and innovation.   Augustus Management & Architecture, as the operator of the location, has turned more than 60,000 square meters into creative spaces for inspiring companies. More than 3,000 employees of companies such as Bosch Software Innovations, The Drivery mobility technology hub, Hella Aglaia automotive software, Dr Kade pharma and a number of health providers have settled in the Ullsteinhaus in a unique and lively working atmosphere full of inspiration. The on-site mobility hub in cooperation with Jelbi ensures sustainable transport to and from work.   Arvantis Group is excited to see how Augustus revives the Ullsteinhaus in a sustainable manner and uses tradition as inspiration for an innovative environment.