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The Arvantis Social Foundation Impact Investment GmbH invests globally in impact ventures with social or environmental benefits. Our investment focus is on impactful, scalable, and innovative ventures with business models that provide solutions for prevailing environmental or social challenges.


This approach reflects our belief that entrepreneurship can be a powerful driver of positive change. The establishment marks another milestone in the Arvantis Social Foundation’s ambition to not only support, but actively create sustainable and scalable impact.


Arvantis Social Foundation Impact Investment GmbH was founded in 2021 as a 100% subsidiary of nonprofit Arvantis Social Foundation gGmbH. All profits from impact investments will remain exclusively within the nonprofit Arvantis Social Foundation gGmbH which in turn uses these funds for future impact investments or impact projects and donations.


Based on the impact investments, we aim to scale the impact of the Arvantis Social Foundation even further by doing what Arvantis Group is best at: identifying and investing in innovative thought leaders and sustainable business models.

Our Approach

We think very long-term in order to support founders to build great companies
with a high impact. Therefore, your venture should target:


Scalable environmental
and/or social enhancement


Measurable impact


Sustainable profit

We are looking for, but are not limited to:

Early-stage ventures
across the globe 

Health & Nutrition
Climate & Environment
Community Development

Education & Workforce


Our Portfolio

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